With today’s Technology and Experienced Military Trained Personnel enables EC Security to provide Superior Security, Personal and Asset protection on a level no other security firm can provide.

Highly Qualified, Highly Trained, Highly Professional, Cannabis Services

Cameras install

 24/7 Professional

Monitoring services

Asset protection

(SRT) Security Response Team

Access Control Management 

Armed Agents 




100% military veterans



types of facility

warehouse including cannabis


business park


Armored Transportation 

Security System Engineer Designs CCTV

Access Control

Total System Installations

Service and Upgrades

full replacement warranty

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Cannabis Services

EC SECURITY specializes in the Cannabis grow and dispensary industries, from outdoor grows, to elaborate state of the art indoor facilities and manufacturing.

We have the knowledge, experience and Know how when it comes to providing you security with higher standards.

  • Outdoor Grow Facilities

With nearly 15 years experience securing outdoor grow facilities we have developed many ways to secure your investment.

  • Indoor Grow & Manufacturing Security

In-door facilities & manufacturing on a grand scale with the ability to secure, control & maintain all types of properties & structures from access control, audio & video surveillance.

  • Retail & Dispensaries

Retail is the most important part of your business.

EC SECURITY offers just that… Highly qualified, Extremely professional, military trained, security personnel.