Armed Guards


Our security guards serve & protect our clients and their assets including property, people, equipment, money, business, events, etc. Safeguarding them from a variety of hazards, such as waste, damaged property, unsafe worker behavior, criminal activity and more by enforcing preventative measures. Security Officers do this by maintaining a high-visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, directly through patrols and/or indirectly, by monitoring our state of the art Alarm Systems and through Video Surveillance Camera for signs of crime or other hazards (such as a fire), taking action to minimize damage such as warning and escorting trespassers off property, and reporting any incidents to our clients and emergency services such as the police or paramedics as deemed appropriate.

ES Security officers are generally uniformed to represent their lawful authority to protect private property. EC Security guards are hired by a wide range of organizations, including businesses, government departments and agencies and not-for-profit organizations such as churches and charitable organizations.

EC Security private security officer’s responsibility is protecting our client from a variety of hazards usually in the form of criminal acts. EC Security personnel enforce company rules and can act to protect lives and property. In addition to basic deterrence, Ec Security officers are highly trained veterans. All of our security officers are have gone through training mandated by the state for the carrying of weapons such as batons, firearms, and pepper spray and are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services in California.

Private Security

Our veterans are trained and highly skilled in the areas of threat assessment, logistics planning, crisis management, and emergency response. Your safety, privacy, and security are of utmost priority and the hallmarks of our company’s approach to personal protection. Our customized, comprehensive programs consist of a full assessment of the client’s threats and vulnerabilities, and a customized executive protection plan to establish the optimal level of security for the individual at home, at work, or while on the road. We offer protective services for the residence, executive suite, and office and also offer travel advance planning services.
All logistics or operations will be coordinated from our operations center in Oakland, California. We will coordinate with local law enforcement, security, and emergency services, gathering intelligence and information regarding the event, participants, risks, and the likes.

We organize planned interaction with media and public for photo ops and presentations, among others.
We have a network of local or in-country law enforcement and private security agencies.


Security Guard Services
We hire only the best United States Military Veterans which consist of Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, and Coast Guard veterans.
We demand impeccable DD-214’s (Military resume) for all of our agents.
Our portfolio of security services include retail, industrial, commercial, corporate, diplomatic, residential and estate management with security officers qualified from grade A to D.
We understand the importance of establishing and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients. At EC Security we encourage continued communication, constant re-evaluation of client needs and stringent service quality control allowing us to build a rapport with our clients.
EC Security agents have not only served our country in a military capacity, but also as police officers, homeland security agents, military police, white house protection services, and executive/corporate protection.