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Logistics & Transport

EC Security provides personal transportation services, cash transportation services, and product transportation services. If you need a highly valued asset transported, we will handle the logistics for you from start to finish. Delivery of your products or person safely and securely is our highest concern and priority. You can trust that the professionals at EC Security will deliver for you and your business EVERY TIME!


Security operations and logistics are designed to facilitate the safe management and movement of people, goods, information and other resources between a specific point of origin and it’s final destination. In order to address these matters, our seasoned EC Security teams are given specific checklists, along with carefully vetted intelligence.
The process of developing a strategic security plan involves the coordination of resources, personnel and information such as, cultural & religious beliefs, government ideology, transportation systems, medical care facilities and local law enforcement.

This, combined with current validated intelligence, will allow our agents to formulate contingent responses and strategies which significantly reduce risk. 

  • Cash-In-Transit (CIT) Protection
  • Roadside Assist
  • Secured Logistic
  • Vehicle Transport

Cash-In-Transit (CIT) Protection

Cash-In-Transit Protection

Secured Logistics

Securing Logistics from Origin to Destination.

Vehicle Transport

Secured Transportation